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A Paint Tech Auto Body Warranty pays for damage to your vehicle’s exterior, such as windscreen chips and cracks, stone chips, hail damage, dents, scratches, damaged rims and mag wheels, vehicle inspection, wheel alignment, air conditioner treatment and tar removal.

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How will this benefit you?

  • Keeps your vehicle looking good
  • Increases resale value
  • A variety of plan options
  • No excess
  • No exclusions

What is covered*?

Centre console
Scratches and scuffs to the vehicle’s central console, only if damage is less than 150 mm wide and less than 1 mm deep.
A scuff or a scratch not exceeding 150 mm and less than 1 mm deep (excl. the airbag panel area).
Door handles
Only scratches or scuffs to plastic door grab handles will be re-sprayed. Chrome-plated and leather finished door handles are excluded.
Door panel plastic
Scratches or scuffs not exceeding 150 mm and less than 1 mm deep will be repaired and re-sprayed.
Gear lever boot
Tears or rips to the boot, but only if less than 50 mm.
Gear knob
Only for restoring faded paint.
Handbrake boot
Tears or rips to the boot, but only if less than 50 mm.
Head rest
Repairs to the cover not exceeding 50 mm. If the exact fabric not available, a suitable replacement fabric will be used. The benefit does not apply to guides and frames.
Parcel shelf and strings
To maintain and restore a damaged shelf only. Excludes broken frame.
Plastic panel repair
A scuff not exceeding 150 mm and less than 1 mm deep. The benefit does not apply if panel is broken or cracked.
Roof lining
Limited to one maintenance or restoration event per policy. If the existing roof lining becomes loose or starts to hang, it will only be repaired where possible. Replacement of the roof lining is excluded. The benefit does not apply to convertibles or vehicles with sunroofs.
Rubber carpet inserts
Applies only to the rubber heel mat on driver’s side. If damaged, the driver side heel mat will be restored. Loose mats and carpets are excluded.
Seat panel
For tears not exceeding 50 mm and burn holes not exceeding 10 mm. If the exact fabric is not available, a suitable replacement fabric will be used.
Seat stitch
Where damage is repairable to seat stitches not exceeding 75 mm.
Steering wheel re-spray
Re-spraying of leather steering wheels, but excludes re-covering of steering wheels.
Sun visors
Repairs to damaged sun visors.
Safety film
If your vehicle is fitted with safety film, the benefit provides maintenance and restoration for scratches, scuffs and tears caused by a sharp object or similar type damage only.
Product disclaimer

* The above list is for illustration purposes only. Only key components shown above. Please review the respective policy booklet for detailed information, respective limitations and the full list of components covered. Terms, Conditions and Limitations apply. List correct at time of publication. E&OE.

The Policy is sold to you by LiquidCapital (Pty) Ltd (reg. no. 2001/012511/07), an authorised Financial Services Provider FSP 6210. Underwritten by Regent Insurance Company Limited, a Licensed Short-term Insurer, Company Registration Number 1966/007612/06 and an Authorised Financial Services provider, FSP Licence 25511 and administered by M-Sure Financial Services (Pty) Ltd, an Authorised Financial Services Provider, FSP Licence 21799, Company Registration Number 2002/022941/07.

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