Warranties protect your vehicle against certain unexpected mechanical breakdowns and electrical malfunctions (such as engine or gearbox failure) that are not covered by Service or Maintenance plans. Since such malfunctions seldom allow you to “sort it out later”, you need to be prepared. We have a range of extended warranties to suit your needs, pocket and vehicle.
The Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty is valid for 2 years and has no mileage restriction. It starts after the Manufacturer Warranty has ended and gives standard warranty cover plus additional benefits. This warranty can be transferred to the subsequent vehicle owner.

How will this benefit you?

  • Takes care of unexpected mechanical breakdowns
  • Takes care of unexpected electrical malfunctions
  • Qualified KIA technicians
  • Genuine KIA parts
  • Fixed, affordable monthly cost

What is covered?

Turbo assembly
Management system
Air conditioner
Cooling system
Wheel bearings
Braking system
Fuel system
Electrical components
Prop shaft
CV joints
Steering mechanism
Cylinder head gasket
Drive pulleys
Cam belt tensioner
Radio and audio system (excl. speakers)
Shock absorbers
Windscreen excess
Product disclaimer

* Please read your Warranty guide for a full list of the inclusions, limitations, terms and conditions that apply.

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